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四级答案参考 2019年12月英语四级真题答案卷一部分答案

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  PartⅠ Writing ( 30 minutes )

  Directions : For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a foreign friend who wants to learn Chinese. Please recommend a place to him. You should write at least 120words but no more than 180words.


  Dear Mike,

  How is everything going with you? Last summer vacation, you told me that you want to learn Chinese, and that’s why I am writing to you to recommend a suitable place where you can absolutely have a fruitful learning experience.

  If you want to learn Chinese, I would like to recommend you to go to Beijing, the heart of this country. To begin with, Beijing is the capital of China with profound historical sediment in culture. Not only can you get in touch with those who speak the most standard Mandarin, but also you will experience the essence of real Chinese culture. Furthermore, there are a great number of prestigious language schools and Chinese training institutes. With systematic study and frequent practice in life, I believe you will master basic Chinese soon.

  All in all, I sincerely welcome you to have a visit to Beijing. I will wait for you there and offer help whenever you need. I am already eagerly awaiting your reply.


  Li Hua




  China's family concept is related to its cultural tradition. The harmonious family used to be particularly enviable. It's not rare for four generations to live together in the past. Due to this tradition, a great number of young people continued to live with their parents after marriage. Nowadays, this tradition is changing. With housing conditions improving, a growing number of young couples choose to live separately from their parents. Nevertheless, the relationship between them is still quite intimate. Many elderly people still help look after their grandchildren. Young couples also take time to visit their parents, especially on important festivals, such as the Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.


  Conversation one.

  W:I have really amazing news. I just got a text message from my bank saying my salary has been deposited. In my account.

  M:Getting paid is good, but I don't understand why you're so excited. It happens every month.

  W:well,I've been working for a few years. 2]In fact, I worked all through university, but I only had part time jobs then. So this is the first time i've ever been paid for a month of full time work.

  M:Wow, Then you must feel great.2] I it's been two decades, but I can still remember when I got my first real salary. I was happy for days, I felt like it was a small fortune, even though it wasn't.

  W: I've never earned so much money before. And there's so many things i'd like to do with it. What did you do with your first pay?

  M:10]I bought a new suit for work and took my parents to a nice restaurant to celebrate. Maybe you could do the same.

  W:I have enough professional clothes. And my parents are across the country. So seeing them is impossible.11]But some people from the office are members of a gym. I want to join. And my university classmates are arranging a trip to visit our old campus, and i'd love to go with them, but I can't afford both.

  M: If I were you, I join the gym because it's a good way to stay healthy, and it might help you build a stronger relationship with your colleagues. And good relationships are key to a successful career. You're right. Thanks for the advice. I'm taking it questions.

  Q8 Why did the woman feel excited?

  Q9 when did the man get his first full time job?

  Q10 What did the man do when he got his first pay?

  Q11. What does the woman say she is going to do?


  问题8定位对话前两回合,转折词in fact定位答案,****因第一次获得全职薪水而开心。

  问题9难度较大,属于连续出题,two decades 同义替换20years。

  问题10 first后定位,男人赚钱后买了衣服,带父母吃了大餐。


  Conversation two.

  W:What's going on with you lately? You seem so distracted. Like you aren't really listening to anything. I say.

  M:I know. I'm sorry. I can't seem to focus on anything, 12]because I still haven't decided if I should accept the offer for that PHD program in London, or if I should take the job offer in New York.

  W: Look, it's a tough decision, but you're running out of time, aren't you? I thought you said the company expected an answer by the end of the month.

  M:Actually, it's the beginning of next month for the job, but the university needs a decision by the end of the week. So I have to act quickly.

  W:13]You definitely need advice for the important decision like this. So who have you talked to about it? What does your family think? And your adviser for your master's program?

  M:I've asked their advice and that's part of the problem. My parents want me to get the degree, but my advisor thinks it's time for me to get more work experience.

  W:14]What do you mean by part of the problem? Wait, it's your girlfriend, isn't it? You've been dating since your first year of university, so that six years now she must have an opinion about all this. I mean, isn't it time for you to think about getting married?

  M:I do want to get married, 15]but she thinks we need to wait until we've launched our careers. Plus, she's not sure what she'll be doing next year. She's considering a job in England and one in Australia. her parents are pushing for the latter.

  Q12. Why does the man seem to be distracted?

  Q13. what does the woman say the man should do?

  Q14. What does the man say is part of his problem?

  Q15. Why doesn't the man's girlfriend agree to get married right now?